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Shenzhen Chaopai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Chaopai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Chaopai is China famous badminton brand, which it originated in Chinese economic development center -Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. we engaged in researching 、manufacturing and selling professional badminton series products. Chaopai badminton series products sell well all over the world.Our Agencies spread in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, America , Russia, China, and other dozens of countries and regions.

Chaopai company have three factories which respectively located in Shenzhen, Nanjing,Anhui. We used the most advanced and automatic manufacturing facilities. The annual output of high quality goose shuttlecocks has up to 700 thousands dozens. Chaopai continue to  improve quality of products and actively seek for more extensive acknowledgement from domestic and international . 

In 2014, we signed Jiangxi province badminton team as their designated sponsor for 4 years.To furtherpromote badminton sport, 
Chaopai sponsored tremendous amateur badminton competitions, over the past many years, we are the appointed sponsor for Shenzhen badminton association three competition(chuangqing club,individual event and team event) 

In 2016,Chaopai company promoted national sport and cooperated with Jiangxi badminton association as sponsor for the national shuttlecock amateur club competition (China badminton association amateur accumulate points competition) yichun distribution & Nanchang distribution).China republic Qingyang, Ganshu Organs directly under the Central Committee 2016 ‘’state office cup’.

Chaopai is based in domestic market and look forward to developing the world market. In October 2016,Chaopai officially signed Canada IBL in Toronto Canada as IBL designated sponsor for three years. This is a big step for Chaopai to develop the new market of north American.
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